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How To Wet Shave in 60 Seconds

I’ve been wet shaving for about a year now, and making time lapse videos for about 4 years. Today I’ve combined both of them into a time lapse video about wet shaving. I even recently purchased a new cordless shaver from

I realize the steps might be a little ambiguous, so here they are in more detail:

Step 1 – Trim the Bulk: I started with two months of beard growth. It’d be silly to try and take that all off with a safety razor. I used the Best Men’s Grooming Kit to remove most of the hair on my face.

Step 2 – Use a Fresh Blade: I had been using my existing blade for a while to keep my neck and cheeks tidy. For a major job as this I decided to use a fresh blade.

Step 3 – Soak the Bowl & Brush: Soaking the brush makes sure all the hairs get nice and saturated with water. Soaking the bowl will help you make a nice warm lather. I soaked them both in hot water for about 5 minutes.

Step 4 – Prep the Face: I generally shave right out of the shower, and in my opinion that is the best time. But, for this video I didn’t take a shower before hand, so I soaked a towel in hot water and let it set on my face for 5 minutes to open up the pores and hair follicles.

Step 5 – Make the Lather: I made a “super lather” consisting of Proraso shaving cream and Col. Conk Glycerine shave soap. Watch for the nice peak so you know your lather is ready!

Step 6 – First Pass – With the Grain: The first pass should go with the grain on your face. I mixed up my hand signals on this one and the “against the grain” pass. Remember, don’t apply any pressure! The weight of the safety razor should be enough!

Step 7 – Second Pass – Across the Grain: The second pass should go across the grain on your face.

Step 8 – Third Pass – Against the Grain: The third pass should go against the grain. Remember, no pressure!

Step 9 – Fix Any Rough Spots: Apply more lather to any rough spots that might need a 4th going over. I had to go over my chin and upper lip a couple of more times.

Step 10 – Cold Water Rinse: Close up those pores with a splash of cold water!

Step 11 – Blot Dry: Don’t wipe your face dry, you’ll make it angry and irritated!

Step 12 – Aftershave Balm: Apply some aftershave balm or cream. Don’t use anything alcohol based, it’ll burn and make your face unhappy!

Step 13 – Success!: Baby Bottom Smooth (BBS) shave! Hooray!

Materials Used:

Razor: Edwin Jagger EJ89L
Blade: Israeli Personna
Brush: Edwin Jagger Best Badger Hair Brush
Cream : Proraso
Soap: Col. Conk Glycerine Soap
Aftershave: Neutrogena Razor Defense

You’re still here? Want to see more of my time lapses? Check out this set on flickr.

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