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Camera Awesome – Lightning Review

Camera Awesome

The folks over at SmugMug have released a pretty neat little app today called Camera Awesome.

I’ve been playing around with Camera Awesome for the last few hours, and I must say it is quite awesome!

Here are a few of the features I love:

Speed: Camera Awesome is fast!  It is easily the fastest camera app I’ve seen for iOS.

Selective Focus and Exposure: The app lets you independently select focal and exposure points! You can even lock the focus and exposure points!

Easy Sharing: The sharing from Camera Awesome is super simple. Setup your sharing preferences and from there you have either 1-tap or 0-tap (automatic) sharing.

Prerecording Video: Camera Awesome will prerecord 5 seconds of video, before you even hit the record button! I have small kids, so this will come in super handy!

… and 1 feature I want to love:

Interval Timer: I like to make time lapse videos, and this looks like another tool to help me get that done. The problem is the smallest interval Camera Awesome can do is 5 seconds. If that could go down to 1 second it’d likely become my default app for time lapses as well.

Want to know more?  Watch the video:

I’m a big fan of SmugMug and have been a customer for a few years, and this app does not disappoint. It’s already taken the default camera app’s place on my home screen!

Update: Camera Awesome 1.0.3 has addressed one of my gripes listed above. The interval timer now goes as low as 1 second!  The update also provides instagram support, white balance lock and the whole lot of effects for $9.99!

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