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Ten years ago today …

while getting ready for work I was compelled to stick my 35mm point n click in my work bag. Later, I was on the train on my way to work in midtown when my gf (now wife) called to tell me that a plane hit the first tower and that I should probably come home. I told her it was probably a hoax, and I’d see her later that evening. Shortly after talking to her I looked out the train window:

WTC from the Train

I knew it wasn’t a hoax and as soon as I got to the office everyone was glued to the TV. We all watched the towers fall just a few miles away from us.

I spent the next few hours trying to get home and finally made it home around 6 pm after starting my journey shortly after 10 am.

You can vew the rest of my images from that day in my flickr photostream.

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