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3 Things Apple Fixed in iOS 5

A few months ago I made some feature requests for iOS 5.  Yesterday Apple kicked off it’s annual WWDC and it looks like a few of my wishes have been granted:

  1. Notifications. The new notification system looks really, really slick.  It looks very similar to the way Andriod handles notifications.
  2. Over the air updates & syncing. Plugging in for updates is now a thing of the past for iPhone users.  iOS 5 will also wirelessly sync your iTunes library, and with the addition of iCloud you can now sync you music, photos, apps, calendars, contacts and a bunch of other stuff across multiple devices.  Cool!
  3. Improved camera app. Apple has decided to add some new features to the default camera app.  These new features will be very welcome on my iPhone.  They started by making improvements to the autofocus, added a little grid love and exposure lock, and made the volume up button a shutter button.  They’ve even added a shortcut to the lock screen so you don’t have to unlock your phone to launch the camera app.

Gizmodo and BGR have nice, in-depth hands on reviews that are worth reading.

You can watch the entire WWDC keynote address on Apple’s site.

All said and done I can’t wait to get my hands on iOS 5 (and whatever iPhone gets announced later this summer/fall).

Update: Looks like apple also updated Mail to allow searches in the body of the message!  Hooray!

Update 2: Looks like the dictionary is editable in iOS 5 as well!  That means 5 out of my 7 wishes have been answered!

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